Our focused, individualized therapies strive to return function and independence.

Our therapists have all the latest equipment and techniques for
optimal recovery.

Our orthopedic rehabilitation care is one of the best programs in the area.


Maximizing care for optimal recovery

At Baypointe, we provide long and short term rehabilitation care with focused, individualized therapies at our Stepping Stones Community of Excellence at Baypointe.

Stepping Stones offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/language pathology with an excellent ratio of therapists to residents. The Stepping Stones concept is derived from the primary objective of our Rehabilitation Program, which is to provide skilled therapeutic evaluation and interventions so that each resident can reach his/her highest level of function. To do so, each resident must reach smaller goals and build on them, much like using one goal as a stepping stone to the next. Here multiple disciplines work as a team with the resident to accomplish the move from one step to the next, comprising nothing less than excellence.

Our short-term rehabilitation program offers a unique mix of medical, nursing and therapeutic excellence for medically stable patients post-hospital stay. We also offer supportive long-term care with restorative therapies where residents can enjoy a high quality of life. All patients benefit from our aggressive care approach and individual treatment plan coordinated by a case manager.

Our restorative program is led by a dedicated team of professionals. Our approach enables more individual patient attention than at other facilities where this care falls upon nursing staff in between other duties.

Stepping Stones Community of Excellence is a state of the art 3,000 square foot spacious and well-equipped Rehab Gym dedicated to individualized and group therapy. Highly trained therapists are on staff to make your recovery as speedy as possible with state-of-the-art equipment and modalities such as ultrasound short wave biotherapy and electric muscle stimulation.